Over the last decade, the entire Retail Industry has started using some of the other software to manage the Retail Business. The purpose of Retail eCommerce Softwares is to integrate everything you require to run your store. A large number of organizations miss out on the Omni Channel parameter while deploying eCommerce Software.


Ecommerce software can be integrated On-Premise of the Retailer where Installed and managed  by developers who aid manual updates, fix problems and general troubleshooting or can be provided as Cloud-Based eCommerce Solution.


Customers access a brand through various Online and Offline Retail Stores. Omni Channel is about being present across all the channels for your customers in order to provide a great Customer Experience (CX).


Here are the three reasons why every Retail eCommerce Software needs to upgrade and become Omni Channel –


1. A retail brand may have an eCommerce Software Platform that offers functionalities like Store Management, Product Management, Product Catalog, etc and all of these functions will help to improve their operational efficiency. However, these basic functions alone do not make an Omni Channel Retail Solutions because they are not improving the Customer Experience (CX).


2. Often people get confused and think that an eCommerce Software offering great integrations like Tally, CRM, Quickbooks, etc. qualifies to be Omni Channel but that is not true.  The platform itself doesn't fulfill all tasks, integrations with leading providers make it possible to seamlessly run a store without maneuvering between different services. Moreover, these integrations will just about help you in Customer Relationship Management and Accounting. They would hardly contribute anything towards the Customer Experience (CX).


3. A retail brand may have a great Web Store Design at the user end but that may not necessarily mean that their software is Omni Channel. A great front end design is just a part of the entire Omni Channel universe.





Most of the eCommerce Softwares end up improving the Operational Efficiency and Customer Relationships but fall short when it comes to improving the Customer Experience (CX). Omni Channel is about a combination of features that enhances almost everything including the Customer Experience. Hence, It is not very difficult to identify if your software fulfills the Omni Channel need or not. Once you have identified the gaps then it is time to go for a proper Omni Channel Retail Solution to meet the ever-growing demands of your Retail Business.





1. How can I upgrade my Retail eCommerce Software to Omni Channel?

You would need to check with your Software Provider. However, the best option would be to go for a new Omni Channel Retail Commerce Solution.


2. Does Point of Sale mean Omni Channel?

No, Point of Sale or the pos retail is one of the features of the Omni Channel Solution.


3. What are the best prices for Omni Channel Solutions that a retailer can expect to get in the market?

The pricing would depend on various factors including the nature and size of your business.