About Us


LSNetX is an Omni Channel Retailing Solution developed by LIBSYS Limited, a software company based out of Gurgaon.

Having been in the software industry for more than 35 years, LIBSYS limited has created a niche in library automation along with rich experience in the ERP domain. Apart from LSNetX, our other software products are LIBSYS 10, LSmart, symphonyX and LSales1.

The idea for LSNetX came with the realization that there is a need for an omnichannel retail solution provider who not only integrates different platforms but also provides digital sales channels to the customers in the form of an ecommerce store.

Developing and maintaining high quality software requires high level of sincerity and passion. These qualities have made LIBSYS always move ahead of the competition, bringing smiles on the faces of its customers who understand the value of commitment. The challenge of covering diverse domain areas has been undertaken by a strong and tightly-knit team of talented people at LIBSYS. With sincerity, passion and total commitment, no challenge is too big at LIBSYS.