Can LSNetX POS manage the stores located at different geographical locations?

Yes, LSNetX can manage multiple stores in different geographical locations.

Can I easily migrate my data from my existing software to LSNetX ?

Yes, our team will ensure a smooth and complete data migration from your existing software to LSNetX.

What are the payment options available to my customers on my POS and eCommerce website?

We support all kinds of payment – cash, credit card, debit card, wallet. We provide payment integrations with all the leading payment gateways like cc avenue, payu, paypal and paytm, SBI.

What are the support options available with LSNetX?

We provide complete technical support to help our customers in their entire journey with us starting from software set up to software maintenance.

Do I need to invest in any hardware if I use LSNetX platform?

No, we provide all the services on cloud so all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go.

Can I just use your Product Catalog?

No, product catalog can not be used separately as it is integrated within our omnichannel solution.

Is it necessary to buy your CRM also?

No, you can go for our Omni Channel Retail Solutions without our CRM. However, we recommend that you go for the Omnichannel Solution with CRM integration as it will take care of your complete Customer Relationship Management needs.

What if I only want an ecommerce website?

Yes, we do have an ecommerce store only option available with us. Please check our eCommerce Store Page for more details. 

Will my data related to customers and orders be secure?

We take care of all security related issues for your online business. To prevent any type of unauthorized access, we have multilayer security and server specific firewalls. Therefore, critical issues like protecting customer's personal, financial, confidential and billing (credit/debit card) information are well taken care of.

Will I get a mobile responsive website?

Yes, all the websites, we build are completely mobile responsive and designed to provide the best user experience to your customers.

Can I manage multiple warehouses through lsnetx?

Yes, you can manage multiple warehouses through our solution. Our Omnichannel Retail Solution based on cloud computing allows retailers to get goods at the right place at the right time, thus facilitating an automated warehouse operation. It allows allocating, picking, packing, dispatching and delivering all orders much more efficiently.

Can your system handle warehousing and procurement also?

We have complete omnichannel solution with integrated warehousing management, procurement management and complete inventory management for a unified shopping experience across all online and offline channels.

Where will the system be hosted, can it be done on AWS ?

We provide hosting services on our LIBSYS cloud as well as Amazon Web Services.

Do you handle Logistics?

Yes, we provide integration with third party logistics provider. Our Package Tracking System is integrated within the omnichannel platform so your customers will never complain about tracking their orders ever again

Can you tell about the subscription plan that you provide?

It is completely as per the requirement of the customer but generally our plans are based on an yearly subscription model.

How much does LSNetX cost?

We would be able to give you a quotation after a thorough assessment of your requirements by our team. Please reach out to us at 9871394163, 1800-102-2356, info@lsnetx.com.